Papermaker GF Smith opens multicolor paper installation

08.06.2017 admin

Papermaker GF Smith opens multicolor paper installation

Papermaker GF Smith has opened its first showroom in London, which includes a gallery filled with an undulating installation of colourful paper rolls.

The multipurpose GF Smith Show Space, which opened earlier this week, is intended to give customers a place to meet with the company’s consultants. It also acts as an event and exhibition venue.

Designed in collaboration with Made Thought and D-raw, the shop is housed over two floors of a building just off London’s busy Oxford Street.

“We wanted to create a space that challenges, inspires and wows,” said GF Smith managing director John Haslam. “Students and creative directors alike will be welcome to visit us; we promise innovation and education with our ever-changing curated installations and showcases.”

“Beautiful paper has the power to sway decision, the authority to communicate emotion, the tactility to hold your attention.”

Inside, the designers opted for a dark-grey palette matched to one of the brand’s Colorplan paper shades. The two firms describe the heart of the showroom as being a 14-metre-long Collection Wall, which presents every paper GF Smith has ever created.

Downstairs, the White Space gallery will host a range of exhibitions and is currently presenting an ocean-themed installation named Tidal that was first presented at the Kyoorius Designyatra festival in Jaipur in September.

Also designed by Made Thought, the installation features towering rolls of multicoloured paper in the form of an “undulating seascape”.

A second installation, presented in the full-length facade window, shows rolls of colourful paper rolls seemingly flying through the air.

A further exhibition offers a behind-the-scenes look at the bespoke paper GF Smith created for British fashion brand Mulberry called Mulberry Green.

The exhibition, which will run for three months, details the story behind the collaboration and how GF Smith created the green-toned paper.

GF Smith was founded in 1885 by George Frederick Smith. It has since become a favourite among graphic designers, architects and artists.

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